2005: Volume 3, Number 2

Financial Performance and Internationalization of Operations: Evidence from Finnish Forest Industry Companies (Toppinen, Lähtinen, Laaksonen-Craig)

2005: Volume 3, Number 1

A Decade of Innovation in Particleboard and Composite Materials: A Content Analysis of WSU's...Proceedings (Peters, Damery, Clouston)


2004: Volume 2, Number 3

E-business in the Quebec Forest Products Industry: Perceptions, Current Uses, and Intentions to Adopt (Karuranga, Frayret, D'Amours)

2004: Volume 2, Number 2

Determining Consumer Preferences for Furniture Timber (Bigsby, Rai, Ozanne)

2004: Volume 2, Number 1

Applying the Thinking Process of the Theory of Constraints: An Exploratory Research Methodology to Evaluate the Lack of Use of Cut-to-Length Harvesting Systems in the Southeastern United States (Conradie, Green, Cox, Murphy)


2003: Volume 1, Number 5

Supply Chain Management Mapping for the Forest Products Industry: Three Cases from Western Canada (Haartveit, Kozak, Maness)

2003: Volume 1, Number 4

International Trade Shows and Foreign Market Information Acquisition: An Analysis within the International Homebuilding Industry (Molina-Murillo and Smith)

2003: Volume 1, Number 3

What Governs the End-Consumer's Choice of Floorcovering? A Study of Substitute Competition (Jonsson)

2003: Volume 1, Number 2

Guidelines for Sustainable, External Corporate Growth: A Case Study of the Leading European and North American Companies in the Wood Industry (Korhonen and Niemelä)

2003: Volume 1, Number 1

Adoption of Innovations in Tradition-bound Industries: Uncertainty and Competitive Rivalry Effects on Adoption of Wood Products (Shook and Ganus)

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