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Henry Quesada-Pineda, Melissa Brenes-Bastos, Robert Smith
2018: Volume 3, Number 1 Awareness, Perceptions and Willingness to Adopt CLT by U.S. Engineering Firms Abstract   PDF
Maria Fernanda Laguarda-Mallo, Omar Espinoza
2018: Volume 3, Number 2 Competitive Advantage for the Forest-based Sector in the Future Bioeconomy – research question priority Abstract   PDF
Eric Hansen, Hans Fredrik Hoen, Erlend Nybakk
2017: Volume 2, Number 5 Consumer Preference Study of Characteristics of Hawaiian koa Wood Bowls Abstract   PDF
Eini C. Lowell, Katherine Wilson, Jan Wiedenbeck, Catherine Chan, J. B. Friday, Nicole Evans
2016: Volume 1, Number 2 Critical Factors of Competitiveness for the British Columbia Secondary Wood Products Industry Abstract   PDF
Wellington Spetic, Robert A. Kozak, Natalia G. Vidal
2016: Volume 1, Number 3 How Innovation Happens: Practical Insights from Cox Industries, Inc. Abstract   PDF
Eric Hansen, Barry Breede
2016: Volume 1, Number 5 Identification of Research Areas to Advance the Adoption of Cross-Laminated Timber in North America Abstract   PDF
Omar Espinoza, Urs Buehlmann, Maria Laguarda, Vladimir Rodriguez Trujillo
2017: Volume 2, Number 8 Insights into the Global Cross-Laminated Timber Industry Abstract   PDF
Lech Muszynski, Eric Hansen, Shanuka Fernando, Gabriel Schwarzmann, Jasmin Rainer
2017: Volume 2, Number 6 Life Cycle Assessment – Opportunities for Forest Products Sector Abstract   PDF
Andreja Kutnar, Callum Hill
2017: Volume 2, Number 1 Marketing organization and implementation in private U.S. sawmilling companies Abstract   PDF
Xiaoou Han, Eric Hansen
2017: Volume 2, Number 3 Qualitative Input-Output Analysis of North Carolina Forest Sector Supply Chains Abstract   PDF
Nathan S. Gerber, T. Eric McConnell
2016: Volume 1, Number 6 The practice of innovation: The role of institutions in support of Non-Wood Forest Products Abstract   PDF
Alice Ludvig, Giulia Corradini, Marelli Asamer-Handler, Davide Pettenella, Verónica Verdejo, Silvia Martínez, Gerhard Weiss
2017: Volume 2, Number 7 Towards Corporate Sustainability under Global Agenda 2030: Insights from Brazilian Forest Companies Abstract   Untitled   PDF
Julia Tauszig, Anne Toppinen
2016: Volume 1, Number 4 U.S. Biofuels Industry: A Critical Review of the Opportunities and Challenges Abstract   PDF
Min Chen, Paul M. Smith, Michael P. Wolcott
2017: Volume 2, Number 4 Value-added Decking and Cladding - A Case Study of the Swedish Market Abstract   PDF
Jonas Johansson
2016: Volume 1, Number 1 When innovativeness determines market orientation: the forest sector and the Great Recession Abstract   PDF
Eric Hansen, Erlend Nybakk
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