2020: Volume 5, Number 8

Current and Future Research Themes in Forest Sector Competitiveness: Case Study of Research Orientations at the University of Helsinki

2020: Volume 5, Number 7

Adapting to the Digital Age: Strategic Change in the Pulp and Paper Sector

2020: Volume 5, Number 6

Cost Analysis of Lightweight Wood Panels Strengthened with LigninCellulose Nanofibrils

2020: Volume 5, Number 5

A Visual Assessment of Cross-laminated Timber Structures in Austria (Quesada-Pineda, Smith, Berger, Loferski)

2020: Volume 5, Number 4

Corporate Responsibility via Community Betterment:  A Case Study from the Pallet Industry (Michael, Echols)

2020: Volume 5, Number 3

Millenial Generation Perceptions Surrounding the Wood Products Industry (Stout, Montague, Shmulsky)

2020: Volume 5, Number 2

Consumer Price Premiums for FSC-Labeled Wood Flooring: A Comparison of Five Chinese Cities (Tan, Imamura, Nagasaka, Inoue)

2020: Volume 5, Number 1

Investment Decisions on Automation of Manufacturing in the Wood Products Industry: A Case Study (Roaa, Manduchi, Johansson)


2019: Volume 4, Number 10

Harassment in Forestry Organizations - Gendering the Experiences of Women and Men (Johansson, Andersson, Sehlstedt)

2019: Volume 4, Number 9

Perceptions of the Environmental and Health Impacts of Wood Product Use in Buildings: A Survey Among Architects on the US West Coast (Conroy, Riggio, Knowles)

2019: Volume 4, Number 8

Business Transformation in the British Columbia Forest Industry (Madero, Palmer, Innes, Cohen)

2019: Volume 4, Number 7

Effects of Lobbying Among Urban Planners in Finland: Views on Multi-storey Wooden Building (Lähtinen, Toppinen, Malm)

2019: Volume 4, Number 6

The V-factor: Towards a New Metric for Gauging the Efficiency and Profitability of Manufacturing Processes for the Bioeconomy (Patankar, Ayakar, Renneckar, Yadav)

2019: Volume 4, Number 5

Factors Affecting Social Media Adoption Among Wood Products Consumers (Gazal, Montague, Wiedenbeck)

2019: Volume 4, Number 4

Assessment of U.S. Manufactured System-built Wooden Homes as an Affordable Housing Alternative for Low-income Households in Developing Countries (Kakkar, Quesada, Smith)

2019: Volume 4, Number 3

Social Media Use in the Wood Products Industry:  Impact on the Consumer Purchasing Process (Montague, Gazal, Wiedenbeck)

2019: Volume 4, Number 2

Marketing Practices in the Urban and Reclaimed Wood Industries (Pitti, Espinoza, Smith)

2019: Volume 4, Number 1

Economic Evaluations of Tree Improvement for Planted Forests: A Systematic Review (Chang, Wang, Gaston, Cool, An, Thomas)


2018: Volume 3, Number 10

Familiarity, Use, and Perceptions of Wood Building Products: A Survey Among Architects on the United States West Coast (Conroy, Riggio, Knowles)

2018: Volume 3, Number 9

Understanding SME Success in the Value-added Forest Products Sector: Insights from British Columbia. (Grace, Nelson, and Kozak)

2018: Volume 3, Number 8

Integrating Sustainable Practices Within Supply Chain Management: A Systems Perspective. (Vidal and Croom)

2018: Volume 3, Number 7

Cross-laminated Timber in North America: What can we Learn? (Schwarzmann, Hansen, and Berger)

2018: Volume 3, Number 6

Stakeholder Perspectivers on the Business Potential of Digitalization in the Wood Products Industry. (Makkonen)

2018: Volume 3, Number 5

Mixed Methods Research of Intergrated Cellulosic Biorefinery (ICBR) Scale-Up Barriers in teh United States: A Case Study. (Chen and Smith)

2018: Volume 3, Number 4

Indonesian Furniture Producers: Change Makers or Change Takers? (Larasatie)

2018: Volume 3, Number 3

Drivers and Barriers of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Production and Commercialization: A Case Study of Western Europe's CLT Industry. (Quesada, Smith, and Berger)

2018: Volume 3, Number 2

Competitive Advantage for the Forest-based Sector in the Future Bioeconomy - Research Question Priority. (Hansen, Hoen, and Nybakk)

2018: Volume 3, Number 1

Awareness, Perceptions and Willingness to Adopt CLT by U.S. Engineering Firms. (Laguarda-Mallo and Espinoza)


2017: Volume 2, Number 8

Insights into the Global Cross-Laminated Timber Industry. (Muszynski, Hansen, Fernando, Schwarzmann, and Rainer)

2017: Volume 2, Number 7

Towards Corporate Sustainability under Global Agenda 2030: Insights from Brazilian Forest Companies. (Tauszig and Toppinen)

2017: Volume 2, Number 6

Life Cycle Assessment - Opportunities for Forest Products Sector. (Kutnar and Hill)

2017: Volume 2, Number 5

Consumer Preference Study of Characteristics of Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowls. (Lowell, Wilson, Wiedenbeck, Chan, Friday, and Evans)

2017: Volume 2, Number 4

Value-added Decking and Cladding - A Case Study of the Swedish Market. (Johansson)

2017: Volume 2, Number 3

Qualitative Input-Output Analysis of North Carolina Forest Sector Supply Chains. (Gerber and McConnell)

2017: Volume 2, Number 2

Assesssing Geographic Information Systems Use in Marketing Applications for the Wood Products Industry. (Quesada-Pineda, Brenes-Bastos, and Smith)

2017: Volume 2, Number 1

Marketing Organization and Implementation in Private U.S. Sawmilling Companies. (Han and Hansen)


2016: Volume 1, Number 6

The Practice of Innovation: The Role of Institutions in Support of Non-Wood Forest Products. (Ludvig, Corradini, Asamer-Handler, Pettenella, Verdejo, Martinez, and Weiss)

2016: Volume 1, Number 5

Identification of Research Areas to Advance the Adoption of Cross-Laminated Timber in North America. (Espinoza, Buehlmann, Laguarda-Mallo, and Trujillo)

2016: Volume 1, Number 4

U.S. Biofuels Industry: A Critical Review of Opportunities and Challenges. (Chen, Smith, and Wolcott)

2016: Volume 1, Number 3

How Innovation Happens: Practical Insights from Cox Industries, Inc. (Hansen and Breede)

2016: Volume 1, Number 2

Critical Factors of Competitiveness for the British Columbia Wood Products Industry. (Spetic, Kozak, and Vidal)

2016: Volume 1, Number 1

When Innovativeness Determines Market Orientation: The Forest Sector and the Great Recession. (Hansen and Nybakk)


2014: Journal of Forest Products Business Research

Published by Forest Products Society (FPS) from 2003-2013.  FPS maintains the official library of JFPBR articles at and has graciously allowed the Society of Wood Science and Technology to also host JFPBR articles on the BioBus site


2013: Volume 10, Number 1

Consumer Preferences for Wooden Garden Products and Related Requirements for New Products (Riala, Kettunen, Toppinen)


2012: Volume 9, Number 3

Comparisons Between Green Homebuilders and Traditional Homebuilders (Cantrell)

2012: Volume 9, Number 2

The Evolution of Decking Advertising in teh Western U.S.: 1996-2006 (Hamner, Tokarczyk, Hansen)

2012: Volume 9, Number 1

Lean Evaluation of an Engineering Process: A Case Study in the Furniture Industry (Wang, Quesada-Pineda, Espinoza)


2011: Volume 8, Number 3

Analysis of Factors Impacting Supply Chain Management in the Wood Pallet Industry (Quesada-Pineda, Sanchez-Gomez)

2011: Volume 8, Number 2

Carbon's Potential to Reshape Supply Chains in Paper and Print: A Case Study (Bull, Kissack, Elliot, Kozak, Bull)

2011: Volume 8, Number 1

Investment Decisions of a New Linerboard Mill under Market Uncertainty (Mei, Swinarski, Clutter, Harris)


2010: Volume 7, Number 5

Builder Perceptions of Wood and Non-Wood Products in the U.S. Top 20 Metro Housing Areas (Robichaud, Lavoie, Gaston, Adair)

2010: Volume 7, Number 4

An Illustration of Lessons for Forest Sector Researchers and Managers from Current New Product Development Research (Hansen, Bull)

2010: Volume 7, Number 3

Competitive Positioning of the Wood Products Industry in the Leningrad and Vologda Regions of Nortwest Russia (Järvinen, Toppinen, Toivonen, Hänninen)

2010: Volume 7, Number 2

Implementation Analysis of Lean Manufacturing in the Secondary Wood Industry in North Carolina (Pirraglia, Saloni, van Dyk, Lemaster)

2010: Volume 7, Number 1

Importance of Internal and External Factors when Adapting to Environmental Changes in SME Sawmills in Norway and Finland: The Manager's View (Husso, Nybakk)


2009: Volume 6, Number 6

Customer Readiness for Product Co-Design - Perspectives from Furniture Customization (Kodzi Jr., Gazo)

2009: Volume 6, Number 5

marketing Competencies of Swedish Sawmill Firms (Hugosson, McCluskey)

2009: Volume 6, Number 4

A Value Stream Mapping Analysis of Selected Wood Products Companies in Central America (Quesada-Pineda, Haviarova, Slaven)

2009: Volume 6, Number 3

Resource Usage Decisions and Business Success: A Case Study of Finnish Large- and Medium-sized Sawmills (Lähtinen, Toppenen, Laskinen, Haara)

2009: Volume 6, Number 2

Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Structure, Performance, Capacity, and Future of the Lumber Industry in the U.S. Gulf States (McConnell, Shmulsky)

2009: Volume 6, Number 1

Antecedents to Innovativeness in the Forest Products Industry (Crespell, Hansen)


2008: Volume 5, Number 7

A Multi-Criteria Timber Allocation Model Integrating Sawmilling Decisions (Marinescu and Maness)

2008: Volume 5, Number 6

Measuring Firm Innovativeness: Cross Validation (Crespell, Knowles, Hansen)

2008: Volume 5, Number 5

Measureing Firm Innovativeness: Develpment and Refinement of a New Scale (Knowles, Hansen, Dibrell)

2008: Volume 5, Number 4

Networking, Innovation, and Performance in Norwegian Nature-Based Tourism (Nybakk, Vennesland, Hansen, Lunnan)

2008: Volume 5, Number 3

Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage in the Forest Products Firm: The Importance of the Resource-Based View (Bonsi, Gnyawali, Hammett)

2008: Volume 5, Number 2

An Application of Textual Analysis in the U.S. Residential Siding Industry (McGraw, Smith, Smith, Gagnon)

2008: Volume 5, Number 1

An Assessment of the Supply Chain for Marketing Medicinal Plants from teh Rainforest Region of Nigeria (Osemeobo)


2007: Volume 4, Number 8

Process Transformation Mandates for Manufacturing Customized Furniture (Kodzi, Jr. Lihra, Gazo)

2007: Volume 4, Number 7

Outsourcing of Wood-Based Component Manufacturing: Driving Forces Found in Scandinavian Companies (Andersson, Brege, Nordigården, Rehme)

2007: Volume 4, Number 6

Economic and Environmetnal Impact Assessment of Proposed Bark-Free Requirements for Wood Pallets in International Trade (Ray, Janowiak, Michael, Bachev)

2007: Volume 4, Number 5

The Effect of Forest Context on Consumer Perceptions for Environmentally Certifeid Forest Products in New Zealand and Australia (Bigsby, Ozanne)

2007: Volume 4, Number 4

Product Development in the Swedish and Finnish Sawmilling Industry - A Qualitative Study of Managerial Perceptions (Stendahl, Roos, Hugosson)

2007: Volume 4, Number 3

Distributional Properties of Financial Ratios and Peformance of the Furniture Industry: A Comparison Based on Critical Financial Factors (Quesada-Pineda, Gazo)

2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Perceived Environmental Quality of Wood Products: The UK Market (Toivonen)

2007: Volume 4, Number 1

Using Quality Function Deployment to Assess if a Strategy is Market-Oriented (Wagner, Hansen, Ungson)


2005: Volume 3, Number 7

A Method to Assess and Prioritize Customer needs Among Substitute Materials (Jonsson)

2005: Volume 3, Number 6

Procurement Strategies in the Homebuilding Industry: An Exploratory Study on teh Larges Builders in the United States (Lefaix-Durand, Robichaud, Kozak, Frayret, Poulin)

2005: Volume 3, Number 5

Corporate Use of Derivatives for Hedging in the Forest Products Industry (Mendell)

2005: Volume 3, Number 4

Curent State-of-Knowledge: Innovation Research in the Global Forest Sector (Hansen, Korhonen, Rametsteiner, Shook)

2005: Volume 3, Number 3

A Capability-Based View on Organizational Renewal: Maintaining Long- and Short-term Ptential for Growth in Large, Established Companies (Korhonen)

2005: Volume 3, Number 2

Financial Performance and Internationalization of Operations: Evidence from Finnish Forest Industry Companies (Toppinen, Lähtinen, Laaksonen-Craig)

2005: Volume 3, Number 1

A Decade of Innovation in Particleboard and Composite Materials: A Content Analysis of WSU's...Proceedings (Peters, Damery, Clouston)


2004: Volume 2, Number 3

E-business in the Quebec Forest Products Industry: Perceptions, Current Uses, and Intentions to Adopt (Karuranga, Frayret, D'Amours)

2004: Volume 2, Number 2

Determining Consumer Preferences for Furniture Timber (Bigsby, Rai, Ozanne)

2004: Volume 2, Number 1

Applying the Thinking Process of the Theory of Constraints: An Exploratory Research Methodology to Evaluate the Lack of Use of Cut-to-Length Harvesting Systems in the Southeastern United States (Conradie, Green, Cox, Murphy)


2003: Volume 1, Number 5

Supply Chain Management Mapping for the Forest Products Industry: Three Cases from Western Canada (Haartveit, Kozak, Maness)

2003: Volume 1, Number 4

International Trade Shows and Foreign Market Information Acquisition: An Analysis within the International Homebuilding Industry (Molina-Murillo and Smith)

2003: Volume 1, Number 3

What Governs the End-Consumer's Choice of Floorcovering? A Study of Substitute Competition (Jonsson)

2003: Volume 1, Number 2

Guidelines for Sustainable, External Corporate Growth: A Case Study of the Leading European and North American Companies in the Wood Industry (Korhonen and Niemelä)

2003: Volume 1, Number 1

Adoption of Innovations in Tradition-bound Industries: Uncertainty and Competitive Rivalry Effects on Adoption of Wood Products (Shook and Ganus)

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